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Summer 2017 Honorlock Pilot

During the Summer 2017 semester, we are seeking 20 - 25 online courses to pilot a new proctoring tool called Honorlock. During a live assessment, Honorlock uses integrity analytics to monitor students attempting to cheat. Instructors are presented with a dashboard to review a summary of each student’s test-taking session and then determine for themselves if academic misconduct was committed.

The benefits of Honorlock include:

  • Lower proctoring cost for students, when compared to our current proctoring options.
  • No need for students to register to take the assessment with a live proctor at a specific time. They can take the assessment any time during the availability window.
  • Before the assessment is available to students, Honorlock will crawl the web to identify if your questions are available on a website. If assessment questions are found on the web, Honorlock will ask the website to take the questions down.
  • Honorlock monitors if students are using a different computer or mobile device to access specific websites used by students to cheat.
  • While taking the assessment, Honorlock blocks students from being able to search for the exact assessment questions on Google.

Feel free to review the Honorlock feature and pricing options. Participating faculty will be asked to provide feedback to our team through surveys. If you would like to be part of the Summer 2017 Honorlock Pilot, please fill out the registration form below and your instructional designer will reach out to you.

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